CYG is a science and technology industry group founded in 1986 by Chinese Academy of Sciences. We specialize in intelligence and digitization of industrial and power system and in R&D, manufacturing and services of EV-related materials. We have 15holding subsidiaries, 14 high-tech enterprises, 3 CNAS testing centers, 3 Postdoctoral Programme and Postdoctoral Base, 6 national provincial and municipal enterprise technology centers, 6 provincial and municipal engineering technology centers, 4 production bases and 6,800+ employees.


China’s Leading Brand of Intelligent Detection Scheme and Automation Equipment

A Total Solution Provider of Smart Equipment of Garments

The World’s Leading Brand of Energy Technology and Service

China’s Leading Brand of Cable Accessories

The World’s Leading Brand of Composite Insulators

China’s Leading Brand of Power Mal-operation Prevention


FORBES China Potential Enterprise, 2005/2008/2009

FORBES China Potential Technology Corporation, 2011

FORBES Asia's Best Under A Billion Top 200, 2006/2012

ACCA China's Next Global Giants Top 100, 2014/2016